Wellbeing at Acocks Green Primary School

Our vision for promoting wellbeing at Acocks Green Primary School is clear and simple: 

 Everybody valued; everybody nurtured; everybody happy.

We aim to achieve this at all levels, through teaching the children, training the staff, involving our parents in the vision and having a whole school approach to the importance of healthy bodies, healthy minds, acts of kindness and happiness for all. We talk to the children in school about mental health through all aspects of our curriculum, but particularly through assembly, story time, PE and wellbeing sessions. Our children understand that we all have mental health and that, just like physical health, sometimes we can feel fantastic, but other times we might not feel so good. They understand and accept that we all have times when we don’t feel good about things and that to have someone that we can talk to can make all the difference. We repeat this message at regular intervals, at all levels, from the Headteacher and governors through to the Change Team. Our staff understand that it is crucial that we all share this message – and use it for ourselves too.